Casual Hire T&C’s

Bayside Beach Hire accepts its responsibility to make its activities as safe as is reasonably practicable. However, adventurous activities are inherently hazardous and cannot be completely risk free, however hard we try.

Accidents can happen without any contributory negligence from the centre or its staff. The centre can accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property for personal injury not arising as a result of its own act or default.

The activities offered by Bayside Beach Hire involve the danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions.

  • Buoyancy Aids MUST be worn.
  • Casual Hire of equipment does not include instruction of its use.
  • Hire of equipment is at set time throughout the day in 30-minute slots at variable prices.
  • There is no official safety cover for casual hire craft.
  • I agree that it is my own responsibility to have the skills, knowledge and competence to use this hire equipment.
  • Insurance against accident, personal injury, loss or damage is the personal responsibility of the individual or group leader. Bayside Beach Hire will accept NO liability for any such accident, injury, loss or damage howsoever caused.
  • I agree to return all equipment at the stated time in the condition of which I received it. Any items not returned or damaged when returned will incur a charge equal to the cost of replacement or repair.
  • I agree to comply with the requests of Bayside Beach Hire Staff.
  • I agree to stay with the craft for the duration of the hire period, and will not remove it from the designated area of use.
  • If/When accompanying children or vulnerable persons afloat, I agree that I am responsible for their well-being and will remain in close proximity for the duration of the hire period.
  • By signing the ‘Terms & Conditions of Casual Hire’ form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this company.
  • Launching is not permitted from anywhere other than the official launching area as directed by staff.
  • Unauthorised interference with any safety equipment provided by Bayside Beach Hire for the benefit of users is prohibited. Legal action may be taken against anyone found causing wilful damage to lifebelts or other life-saving equipment.
  • Observe any request from staff to avoid certain areas, as far as is reasonably possible.
  • Clients and other guests using the beach and facilities do so entirely at their own risk and the company accepts no responsibility for loss or damages whatsoever or howsoever caused.
  • No consumption of alcohol is permitted before or during the use of equipment.