Our Story

Our aim is to share our local shores and beautiful beaches with all those who wish to experience Sandown Bay, and all it has to offer.

Owned and operated by Sophie and her family, since taking over the business in 2019. Together, the family have resided in Sandown for over 25 years and are proud to provide watersports to local residents and visitors alike.

With a passion for outdoor adventure, from a young age, Sophie has split her time between travelling, trekking and coaching in schools. As a child she spent years on Sandown beach, sitting in the shade of The Monument, making memories with family and friends. An iconic location in their history, now, a passion to share with you and yours.

Our Team

The Bayside team are proud to call Sandown home. We hope you enjoy exploring our beautiful coastline and making the most of our shores just as much as we do.

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